Inside Robot Theatre: A Performance-Lecture featuring Baxter the Robot



At 7.30pm on the evening of Wednesday 20th April, Dr. Louise LePage, one of the Department’s Theatre lecturers, will present a performance-lecture, ‘Inside Robot Theatre’, in Bulmershe Theatre, Minghella Building, Whiteknights, University of Reading. The event features Baxter the robot, two children, and some talented students. Booking is free but spaces are limited (booking details follow below).

Dr. LePage’s research engages with the role of technology – in particular robots – in performance and also more specifically with ways of performing as a human being. She proposes that robots are inherently performative and that, in refracting the human form, they make us wonder if we, too, might be kinds of machines.

Working with a team, composed of staff and students drawn from across University departments (Film, Theatre & Television and Robotics), Dr. LePage has developed a series of scenes, framed by her questions and reflections, which engage with such ideas as the uncanny quality of robots; the role of the imagination, empathy, and theatre in human responses to robots; and ways in which children open up intriguing ideas about, and responses to, robots, human being, and performance. The team has even shot a short film casting Baxter the robot as Hamlet, which will be shown during the performance-lecture.

To book a ticket, follow this link:


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